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We have found that developing personal and long-term relationships with our clients and maintaining a free and open exchange of information is key to understanding their needs and providing them with unparalleled service.

Nothing works better than BNK Fiduciaria

We are a world-class investment and wealth manager, providing personalized solutions to high net-worth individuals, families, medium and large companies.

Off-the-shelf solutions are too often off the mark. At BNK, we craft forward-thinking solutions of enduring quality and value-the opposite of simply selling products.

We understand wealth is more than the accumulation of assets.  It’s about achieving the life you wish to live. We take a personal approach to wealth management based on expertise, strong performance, and a genuine commitment to act in your best interests.

Highly Personalized, Senior-Level Attention is our MUST

We surround our clients with a dedicated team of specialists based in Switzerland and abroad. Our teams work together seamlessly and understand the interplay between your personal and financial goals.

Our senior level professionals are dedicated to only a select number of clients to enable a high level of service and a strong, ongoing partnership with you.

With our customers we build a trust relationship lasting in time, based on simplicity and transparency criteria and with discretion.


Our Professional Skills

Financial investments

Wealth management

Business consultancy

Special operationsz

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Our philosophy

Commitment, precision, competence and reliability


We want to be considered and recognized for the correct moral and professional ethics and for the clear and fair dialogue and collaboration that we establish with our customers.


 We are committed with passion to achieve the goals that our customers submit to us by ensuring the care of their interests and needs.


 We put our acquired skills at the service of our customers and we guarantee reliability, confidentiality, putting the enthusiasm and aggressiveness necessary to face every situation in the best way.


We are the best

Our Services

Business Plan drafting/Start-up advice

Drafting of Business Plans that reflect the directives of the office of economic development. When promoting a new business reality, many aspects need to be taken into account:

-corporate structure,



-labor availability,

-environmental impact studies,

-proximity to the transport routes

Special operations

In all these operations it is necessary to take into account the fiscal aspects, especially in the case in which they get rid of hidden reserves or when for a shareholder these operations lead to an enrichment of the same:





Asset allocation

Structuring of portfolios based on directives given by the client. The criteria for determining the exposure in the various asset classes (stocks, bonds, structured products, derivatives, currencies, alternative investments, real estate, etc.) are based on the analysis of the client's needs, his willingness to take risks and our skills. Our policy is generally aimed at minimizing the risk of loss and at optimizing financial and tax assets.

Management of equity and bond portfolios

We manage segregated accounts, funds or other instruments for you with the aim of beating a specific benchmark.

Evaluation of portfolios

For customers with existing portfolios, we offer the possibility to analyze the exposure in the various asset classes and to identify the implicit risks of existing investments. We can suggest some measures to reduce risks and costs related to management.

Performance analysis

We analyze portfolios held in several institutions, evaluate the performances that they have generated and eventually formulate recommendations on how to improve efficiency.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning”


Albert Einstein

Professional Team

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BNK Fiduciaria SA

Affiliated to the Self-Regulated Organisation of Canton Ticino Fiduciaries (SRO-FCT)

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